VELUX Skylight AR App

Visualizing Skylights with AR Right in the Home

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  • VELUX Skylights
  • Hanson Inc.

Project Overview

When VELUX, a global leader in skylight manufacturing, was looking to update their previous mobile app approach, LF Studios envisioned a fresh, enhanced customer experience that put the knowledge of a sales representative in the palm of your hand. We developed an experiential visual solution that reflected their dynamic products and offered a contactless way to see the entire VELUX catalog.

Design Approach

We understand that seeing is believing and know that most homeowners want a product physically in front of them to understand what it will look like in their home. With a product like skylights, it can be difficult to fully explore the nuances between products or even how the light will impact certain rooms.

LF Studios brought the sales environment inside of your home with an augmented reality (AR) experience that allows you to visualize the impact skylights have on your space.

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What We Built

We offered a way for customers to completely visualize a skylight in their homes with a custom AR experience that we built from the ground up. Users simply scan their ceiling with their smartphone camera and have the ability to place a flat or vaulted VELUX skylight in the location of their choosing onscreen. Adjusting the time of day will show the variance of light that room would receive over the course of the day, with the ability to open the windows or filter light through blinds.

After visualizing the possibilities of VELUX skylights, users could capture their design and send results to their partners or contractors to share their vision. We even added a location feature where users can enter their zip code to find the closest VELUX installation partners to get their project started.

Skylight cutout with 5,500+ downloads and 5 star rating

Our Breakthrough

Rather than enhancing a traditional retail location with media, LF Studios wanted to create an interactive environment in the palm of your hands. To do what retail can’t do, we offered an engaging way to invite the products into your home for a visual trial, get inspired, and take action immediately. LF Studios specializes in transforming interactions with compelling media that allows customers to forge their own exploration. The AR skylight view alleviates the pressure of in-person sales and empowers users to choose the perfect VELUX skylight product for their home.


After successfully relaunching the VELUX mobile app with custom, fully visual AR technology, it has over 5,500 downloads and has maintained a 5 star rating.

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