TESARO Pharma Sales Conference

Personifying the Positive Impact of a Cancer-Fighting Drug

Tesaro Invitation. Be Here. Wednesday April 5, 2017, 4:15pm - 5:30pm. Grand Dominion Ballroom.



  • Hanson Inc.

Project Overview

It’s easy to get wrapped up in data and numbers in the pharmaceutical sales industry, but TESARO wanted to remind sales reps that providing drugs that treat debilitating illnesses – like the new cancer-fighting drug Zejula – changes lives.

LF Studios constructed a compelling experiential event that motivated pharmaceutical sales representatives to think beyond their sales quotas and put faces to the product solutions they provide. This immersive experience brought real cancer stories into the minds of every sales rep through a theatrical storytelling event that we scripted, directed, and produced.

Design Approach

During the second day of a five-day pharmaceutical sales conference, LF Studios left enticing packages in the rooms of 300 conference attendees, including a hand-crafted box filled with original photographs and designs from a story that was only just beginning to unfold. With limited instructions, each package included a cryptic invitation to “Be Here” the following day at a certain time in one of the event spaces.

Once the attendees arrived at the designated ballroom the next day, they were seated for an experience unlike the conference’s typical data-filled training sessions.

What We Built

Inspired by real stories of daughters who lost their mothers to cancer (including an actual TESARO employee), we wrote and directed several vignettes about the impact that cancer has on a mother-daughter relationship. Large 30 foot LED screens added dimension to our stories, providing context to the relationships onstage and showing real photographs of the people involved.

At the conclusion of our stories, three-time cancer survivor and genetic-testing advocate Annie Parker delivered an impassioned speech about patient survivorship. Her words inspired TESARO sales reps to never forget who they are really working for.

Speaker at podium at Tesaro event.

Our Breakthrough

While the experiential event allowed for real TESARO stories to inspire the sales reps to change lives, the reality is that most of them have already been impacted by cancer on a personal level. According to the CDC, for every 100,000 people in the United States, there are 439 new cancer cases reported and 146 people lose their lives to cancer.

To connect the scripted stories that the attendees witnessed to their own lives, each person was encouraged to text the name of loved ones they lost to cancer to an event screen. Honoring those we’ve lost, we attached the names to a large weather balloon and sent them off into space, livestreaming the event and broadcasting its journey through the stratosphere.


The TESARO sales event impacted 300 conference attendees, sharing 2,000 pieces of handcrafted memorabilia, and sending 425 names of loved ones lost to cancer 18,000 feet into space in a concealed high-altitude ballon.

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