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Developing a Design Inspiration App for Beloved DIY Champions

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Project Overview

HGTV, a Scripps Networks brand, wanted to build a DIY database for fans of their beloved television programs with a way to showcase their catalog of product photography and promote retail partners. LF Studios designed interactive galleries for customers to explore based on their personal style with a back-end content management system that made updating content a breeze. As a mobile extension of their television shows, the HGTV Folio app provided fans with a look into the design process featured on beloved shows like “The Property Brothers”.

Design Approach

When developing the Folio app, the design focused on showcasing the large galleries of interior design photography from HGTV programs and their retail partners. Designed with DIYers in mind, simple navigation and clean design allowed for each feature of the photography to pop. Customers could enlarge photos of the builds they enjoyed on programs and appreciate the details, without the interruption of TV show editing.

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What We Built

To organize the vast collection of over 20,000 photographs, LF Studios designed a custom CMS so HGTV could create galleries and publish to the app when they had new or updated content. Each photograph was tagged so users could search for key terms that matched their next DIY project. Die-hard fans could search for specific HGTV programs or their favorite designers to identify their signature style. Once they found products, photos, or projects that they wanted to revisit, users could add to their favorites to save in their toolkit for later.

Our Breakthrough

The HGTV Folio App was a behind-the-scenes experience that transformed impressive builds featured on HGTV programs into tangible projects for DIYers. Users could directly shop by episode or select featured designers and take inspiration from the large catalog of high-quality HGTV photography. Sparking connections between users and their favorite DIY programs, the app encouraged users to transform photo inspiration into their next DIY project.


With over 40,000 downloads in the first two weeks on the App Store, the HGTV Folio App was designated a “New and Noteworthy” feature on iTunes.

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