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Unlocking the Possibilities of Distributor Discovery

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Project Overview

dormakaba, a global leader in smart and secure access solutions, wanted to provide a digitally integrated product showcase for customers and distributors to experience their products in person. Located at dormakaba’s American headquarters, the Discovery Center needed to feature key products in their catalog, hold visitor attention with interactive experiences, and provide a call-to-action to convert the visitor’s experience into a future sales relationship.

Design Approach

When designing the facility, LF Studios focused on engaging visitors by making connections to their shared experiences. We encouraged discovery within the experience with videos of personal success stories and a personalized tour guide that led to a deeper connection with dormakaba. 

To tease the opening of the new Discovery Center, we launched a marketing campaign highlighting the face of the sales team; Dan’s anticipation for the official ribbon cutting, including social media content of Dan’s tent camped outside the Discovery Center so he would be the first to see the new experience.

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What We Built

We created an interactive experience at the Discovery Center starting at the front door, when visitors receive a keycard that provides access to specific moments throughout the space. Fully immersing visitors in the dormakaba brand, the Discovery Center features product walls, illuminated with ambient lighting and complimentary sounds. LF Studios produced integrated media content including demonstration videos that showcase the practical uses of the products in each display. 

Towards the end of a visitor’s journey through the space, a digital guestbook encourages visitors to add their photo to a gallery of displayed portraits and receive a custom follow-up after they return home from the visit. Extending the experience beyond the walls of the Discovery Center allows visitors to reflect on the discoveries they made and consider partnering with dormakaba in the future.

Our Breakthrough

LF Studios was brought in early in the project timeline to unlock the possibilities – both physical and digital – for visitors to discover. From ideation to execution, LF Studios collaborated with dormakaba to help visualize concepts and actualize project plans. Through media integration, we designed a dimensional experience that compels visitors to interact with the exhibits at their own pace and based on their own interests.

When it became apparent that the COVID-19 pandemic would interfere with physical visits to the space, we filmed and developed a virtual walkthrough for the dormakaba website. Guided by a host, visitors can click through the exhibits and see what each product category looks like, experiencing an almost identical walkthrough from their home.


The dormakaba Discovery Center provides distributors with the opportunity to see a product showcase in person, while the virtual walkthrough is an accessible tool for everyone to experience dormakaba’s product solutions, regardless of ability or distance.

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