Dynamic storytelling across dimensional and digital spaces

To captivate an audience, a design must be structurally sound, intricately detailed, and stylized to fit each unique environment.  Our multidisciplinary team is able to select the best storytelling media across figures, media, scenic and architectural features, and special effects to best tell our clients’ stories to their intended audiences.


As the world’s leading creative force behind animatronics, LF Studios collaborates with project teams ranging from Hollywood producers to academic historians to design and build figures for attractions, dioramas, and events.
Figure of monkey
Figure in a 7Up cup
Figure of woman rolling out tortillas at Chaldeans Cultural Center
hotel transylvania dracula figures


From a realistic museum artifact to a centerpiece that visitors marvel over, behind every one of our objects is our unparalleled knowledge of materials, painstaking attention to detail, and intention to move, inspire, and impress visitors.
Artist working on tablet
Abstract wax objects
stanley cup replica object
potting shed


Using our innovation and technical know-how, we combine dimensional and digital elements to create integrated experiences that pull the visitor in, compel them to interact with the space and with each other, and bring them joy, delight, and enrichment.
Children at an exhibit
mother and daughter posing with megalodon
hip hop quiz bot
Cartoon figures at an exhibit


Our multi-disciplinary team of creators harness their imagination and dimensional expertise to design unique, experiential spaces that take the visitor on a journey, awakening their curiosity and leaving them inspired.
Children's hospital tree structures
museum rendering
Children's at a splash park in Dollywood with wildwood tree structure
Large skeleton figure outside the Jekyll and Hyde Club


Our digital design experts seamlessly integrate original content and creative assets into the experiences we build to blur the line between physical and virtual and create lasting impressions.
Person using a skylight app
ripleys believe it or not shipping & receiving screens
HGTV Folio app on a tablet
dormakaba Discovery Center welcome screen


Approach donors with confidence and a cohesive concept

Successful fundraising is all about blending the current brand with your evolving and expanding mission. We know brand, we know how to create strategy for new directions, and we know how to build to meet both.

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